About Our Store

Hi! I'm Sophia- mom, professor, boston terrier lover, and baby product obsessed. bundle baby co. was born from that obsession. As I browsed gift boxes online to send to a friend I noticed they were all filled with the same cheap junk. I knew a better newborn gift basket could exist- and that I could do it for less. I also knew I wanted to take some of the guess work out of parenting for new parents!

I have exhaustively tested so many products on my own sweet babies, nephews, nieces, and with friends- and I only sell products I stand by personally. I scour the global baby market for the latest and greatest products so you don't have to. No more onesie and scratchy swaddle, or cheap sample products in a box- just all of the very best things. 

Our unique positioning in the industry also allows us to identify high-need opportunities in the marketplace.

the Play bath

the play bath was born from our ability to see what's missing in the marketplace- and it instantly became our best seller! here's why:

- we know children love sensory play

- parents want more bang for their buck, and love multi-use products

- parents and children alike love skin-nourishing bath play

a bath sensory kit with all-natural ingredients DIDN'T EXIST, so we set out to create something wonderful- and the play bath was born!

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